Holland’s National Restaurant Week

Taking great pride in their food nationwide, Holland’s National Restaurant Week is set to take place once again, from 28 March to 14 April. A delicious celebration of the country’s finest restaurants, high grade eateries offer surprise menus with affordable prices. Choose between a 3 course lunch from just €22.50 and a 3 course dinner from a delectable €27.50.

Featured here is a collection of 16 restaurants, across 8 of Holland’s districts and cities. Beware of drooling…


The White Restaurant

The true pinnacle of fine dining, with luxe white furniture, classical pillars holding up the tall ceilings, chandeliers and golden statues. It opened in 1885, making it the oldest restaurant in Amsterdam in its original condition. There’s no mistake that you’re living in luxury in this palatial restaurant which holds an impressive 3 Michelin stars.


The Harbour Club

Quite a contrast to the former option, but no less fantastic, the Harbour Club is almost like a nightclub. Graffiti-covered walls, intriguing lighting and comfortable booths catapult it into the 21st century. Outdoor dining is also available, with beautiful waterfront views. Staying loyal to its nautical theme, you’ll find a great deal of seafood here, fresh, of course.



Found in the heart of the buzzing centre, Claar is effortlessly cool. Checkerboard floor tiles meet tall, dark wood stools and warm lights hung from a wire. The exterior is comparably stylish. The off-white of the brickwork beautifully contrasts the black canopies, the impressive entrance only adding to the experience. Opting for traditional options such as duck breast and the classic beef burger, their surprise menu is sure to be equally mouth-watering.


Balije Park

Set comfortably in a renovated farm, Balije Park brings the outside in with greenery throughout. The wooden beams make the farmhouse experience all the more authentic and the unassuming exterior still maintains the sense that it could well be inhabited by a sleepy farmer. This lovely find offers conscious food by creative chefs. Ingredients are always local and seasonal.


FG Restaurant

With 2 Michelin stars, one may begin taking out their finest attire before dining here. However, FG assures diners that there is no dress code, making it perfect if you want all the benefits of delicious food without the commitment of being on your best behaviour. Don’t worry, though, just because you to have to dress immaculately, does not mean that the food adheres to the same standard. The French cuisine is renowned for its splendour and opulent ingredients.



Translating to ‘deliciousness’ in Japanese, it will come as no surprise that Umami is an Asian restaurant. However, what may shock and intrigue, is that the dishes have a French twist. Two fares one may have never paired together. It clearly works exceeding well as customers flock here time and again.

The Hague


Named after the crisp, white Mexican calla flower, and the Greek for ‘beautiful’, the almost all-white restaurant is rich with windows and mirrors, making it beautifully radiant. Holding 1 Michelin star, the menu reflects the light ambiance and they even have their own veggie garden, giving an overall impression of purity and serenity.



This family orientated restaurant has managed to maintain its Michelin star for 25 years! You can get a number of their products from their online shop, if you just can’t wait to try. It has a relaxing lounge feel, somewhere you can enjoy tasty, honest food but also unwind into the tall-backed sofas with the thick, rich carpet, ensuring warmth and a homely sense of cosiness.


Photo credit: Christopher A Dominic



Kruisheren is part of a restored country estate, which also holds a castle and farmhouse. There are also beautiful grounds, ideal for walking off a 3 course meal. The restaurant itself is housed in the old cloister. Traditional in its architecture, with high gothic windows and tall ceilings, the modern furnishings add a charming twist.


Briernen aan de Maas

Perfectly placed on the glorious Meuse River, enjoying the landscape as you eat. If permitting, dine outside for the best views. However, if you’d prefer to eat indoors, the vast windows mean you’ll still be able to take in the surrounding nature. Expect options such as beef, veal and lobster and with 1 Michelin star, you can trust the chef to create masterpieces with these classic items.


Red Chilli

A more typically Asian restaurant than the former option, the Eastern décor includes laughing Buddhas, lanterns and a table beautifully carved at the tip into a dragon’s head. You’re provided with a knife and fork but you have to at least try the chopsticks. Polish it all off with a small sake before reclining by the pond on one of the deck chairs.


De Bokkerdoorns

Situated amongst dunes and lakes, De Bokkerdoorns is a gorgeous retreat. Enjoy your meal amongst birdsong and the soft ripples of the surrounding water. Holding 2 Michelin starts since 1991, its focus is Dutch dining, with sauerkraut and stroopwafel on the standard menu. You can enjoy the breath-taking views from the terrace, or score a table by the round window, one of the restaurants many quirky traits.


Louis XV

From the outside, this gourmet restaurant could easy be mistaken as the local folky pub. However, step inside and to the neo-baroque, atmospheric Louis XV. The modern artwork and furnishings blend with classically French designs. There is an overall concept of Hedonism, holding the phrase ‘après nous, le déluge’ as its philosophy. The menu is, of course, French, with frog’s legs and tarte tartin to be found on the menu.



Robuust reminds one of a jazz bar in New Orleans. The focus here is definitely on more carnivorous options, including wild stew, ribs and beef wellington. The Georgian windows and walls lined with prints of the old town gives the customer a sense of the history of the building.  A quaint and inviting spot that’ll have you full to the brim by the time you leave.


Etablissment 1880

Taking pleasure in the traditional, with ornate cabinets and leather bound books, Etablissment 1880 provides a truly refined culinary experience. Though incredibly sophisticated, the real wood fire adds a warm, homely atmosphere. It’s a must for wine connoisseurs, as the wine list consists of 20 options by the glass.


De Vierbannen

Based by water’s edge on one of Holland’s small northern islands, not only does De Vierbannen boast beautiful views, but also deliciously fresh seafood. It’s perfect for a sunny day, housed in a modern building with verandas and large windows. It’s these windows that permit natural light to illuminate every corner of the interior.


Photo credit: Marcel Van den Berge

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