Hit The Slopes – Our Guide To Skiing In Europe

February 1, 2022

Make your getaway about so much more than the destination and start your skiing holiday with the journey. Ferry travel from the UK to France is fast, stress-free and offers onboard facilities that include bars, restaurants, games and more.

Once you’re in France, you have fantastic access to the rest of the continent, including some of the best ski resorts, making it the perfect starting point for your ski trip. Travel by ferry into Calais from Dover, and on to one of Europe’s many magical ski resorts.

Why not plan an entire journey of fun and exploration as you wind your way along Europe’s roads, adding a road trip element to your skiing holiday? There’s so much to see on the continent and a road trip is the ideal way to see the sites.

With that in mind let’s look at three of Europe’s top ski resorts and plan the most interesting route to reach them.

1. Chamonix–Mont Blanc, France, via…

Épernay, to pick up some champagne

As you cruise south from Calais en route to Chamonix-Mont Blanc you’re likely to pass through Reims, very near to which is the verdant commune of Épernay, renowned for its Champagne production. In fact, the most famous street in Épernay is the Avenue de Champagne, where you will find all the leading Champagne manufacturers. And it would be rude not to pick up a few bottles for the rest of your holiday… (just don’t drink and drive).

Dijon, for the Owl’s Trail

The next leg of your journey should be to Dijon, where you can go on the 22-stage walking tour, known as the Owl’s Trail. This is a wonderful way to explore this charming town, as each stage takes in a different place of interest. As the capital of Burgundy, you can also find great wine in Dijon, and of course the town’s eponymous mustard.

Gruyères, for cheese and chocolate

If you like cheese and chocolate, (and really, who doesn’t?) then you simply have to stop off in the Swiss medieval town of Gruyéres, which does both exceedingly well. There are numerous cheese and chocolate tours, which should give you plenty of energy to make the final leg of your journey to Chamonix, where you can work off your road trip indulgences on the slopes, or just crack open your champagne in the chalet!

2. St Moritz, Switzerland, via…

Reims, for the Montagne de Reims Natural Regional Park

En route to the uniquely beautiful ski destination of St Moritz in Switzerland, you pass through Reims. Here you will find the stunning Montagne de Reims Natural Regional Park, a protected area of rolling wooded hills and vineyards, which produce grapes for much of the region’s Champagne.

Basel, for its many galleries

Just over the border from France is the historic city of Basel, which is home to countless amazing art galleries. Make sure not to miss the Kunsthalle, one of the oldest museums in the city, but which displays a sensational collection of contemporary pieces.

Zurich, for Uetliberg Mountain

Just a couple of hours from St Moritz, Zurich is well worth a stop-off. And if you have a head for heights (which hopefully you do as a skier) you can take a train from the city to the summit of Uetliberg Mountain to enjoy the vast, stunning Swiss landscape.

3. Kitzbühel, Austria, via…

Metz, for the covered market

There are great markets throughout Europe, but Metz has one of the oldest and grandest covered markets in France. Here you can try delicious, traditional local food as it should be, such as quiche Lorraine and Paris-Metz – cakes made of macarons, filled with ‘harlequin mousse’ and topped with raspberries.

Stuttgart, to take the Standseilbahn up to the Waldfriedhof cemetery

Once you cross into Germany you should pause at Stuttgart and take a ride on the Standseilbahn. This is a beautiful old wooden funicular which takes you up to the serene and green Waldfriedhof cemetery. A great place for a spot of quiet reflection.

Munich, to see the Rathaus-Glockenspiel

Before you leave Germany and enter Austria you should cruise into Munich, ideally at 11am or 12pm (or 5pm in summer) to see the Rathaus-Glockenspiel in action at the Marienplatz. This mechanical tourist attraction, dating back to 1908, chimes and re-enacts two 16th century stories to the assembled crowd. The New and Old City Halls are also worth the visit to Munich’s dramatic central square.

And you haven’t even reached your destination yet! Why wouldn’t you make your ski trip a full journey holiday, when Europe has so many wonders to explore? And then the ski resort is the white, powdery icing on the cake, the ultimate treat and culmination of your adventure. Or is it? After all, there’s still the trip back home too!

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