Heading to Holland with Children?

September 19, 2014


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You’re heading to The Netherlands but you’re not quite sure what kind of things you could do with your children? Well there are plenty things to do for all ages so you’ll have a great time! There are many fun parks, playgrounds, theme parks, zoos and children’s museums to choose from that will not only keep your children excited and enthusiastic but also yourself.

One of the best known theme parks of The Netherlands is the Efteling where fairytales come to life. The little ones will definitely enjoy the Fairytale Forest where the fairytales of the brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and Charles Perrault come to life. Look out for sleeping beauty, little red riding hood, Hansel and Gretel and many more. Also, keep an eye out for the 15 mushrooms – they are there for a reason. To give you a small hint: keep your ear to the mushroom and find out for yourself. The Efteling is not just for the little ones, there are also many roller coasters and other attractions to keep older children entertained too.

If your children love marine animals, Dolfinarium is the place to go. As the name is telling you already it is known for its dolphins, specifically the bottlenose dolphins. This attraction allows you to see amazing shows you’ll never forget. But dolphins are not the only animal they have – there’s walruses, seals, sea lions and many more. Your children will be watching the shows in full excitement and joy. Moreover, part of the park is dedicated to crabs, lobsters, rays, all sorts of fish and gives a more informative nature to the park as well. So you might learn something new there too!

If you are interested in learning more about the country you’re visiting then Madurodam is definitely a must as you’ll find the whole of The Netherlands in this miniature park. And guess what: it is ideal for the children to learn more as it is very interactive – you can load containers on cargo ships in the Port of Rotterdam or make a bid at the flower auction, as well as much more! You’ll discover different parts as you’ll explore the old cities of Holland, the fight against water in Waterland and the architecture and entertainment at Innovation Island. After this visit you’ll definitely know all there is to know about The Netherlands.

If your children don’t fear anything, they will definitely enjoy Walibi Holland with its spectacular roller coasters and other rides. You’ll reach great heights, you’ll be spinned around, you’ll experience speeds you didn’t know existed, so be ready to get challenged! If you bring some little ones as well you don’t have to worry, there is plenty of entertainment for them as well.

If your children have a fascination for monkeys you should be heading to Apenheul (‘apen’ means monkeys in English). Unless you would like to extend the monkeys’ collection of jewelry and other things, please leave these at home or put them in a 100% monkey-proof bag once you enter the park, because the monkeys walk around freely here. They have all sorts including gorilla’s, chimpanzees and orang-utans. Monkey babies are raised by their mothers here and it is because of this that this park is famous all over the world and attracts researchers from far & wide.

If it’s a hot day and you’re not sure what to do with your children, then go to Amusement Park Duinrell which includes an amusement park and swimming pool that combines pleasure for young and older children. The amusement park consists of several exciting roller coasters and includes a playground for the little ones too. Don’t be afraid to get wet when trying out some of these attractions! But even on a rainy day you’ll enjoy the swimming pool as it has the largest covered waterslide of the Benelux with 11 different slides.

If you think it is time for an educational day about the human body, CORPUS is the ideal place to go. It is a 35-meter high building that will take you onto a journey of the human body where everything will be explained about how the body is made up, how it works and what you should do to keep it healthy in a unique way. You and your children will learn all about the human body from the functioning of the heart to what happens when you sneeze, so be ready to get educated!

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