Five Souvenirs from a Christmas Break to Europe

November 19, 2018

Buying Christmas gifts is never easy, especially if you’re the type of person who enjoys treating their loved ones to something unique each time the festive period comes around. Thankfully for such people, Europe – with its authentic Christmas markets and beautiful boutiques – is only a short ferry trip away.

Not only does gifting a present from the continent offer something that little bit special, it also provides the perfect excuse to get away for a wintery weekend break with your nearest and dearest. It’s time to clear out the car as you’ll definitely need the extra boot space.


1900x900 - Luxembourg


Luxe advent wreaths

For those that love the traditional spirit of Christmas, an advent wreath makes the perfect gift. Adorned with festive flowers, berries and four candlestick holders – one for each Sunday of advent – these beautiful decorations make a great centrepiece on any dining room table or festive display.

Looking to pick up a traditional advent wreath for a loved one this Christmas? Head to Luxembourg City for a snowy getaway and grab yours from one of the city’s many quaint stores or traditional markets. In the build up to Christmas especially, you’ll be spoilt for choice – meaning you’ll be able to find an advent wreath for every member of the family!

Although small in size, Luxembourg City punches well above its weight in terms of what it can offer to potential festive shoppers. As well as advent wreaths, those that visit the capital’s charming streets will find an array of wares to line their stockings, including traditional Luxembourgian trinkets and glass ornaments, hand-crafted by the city’s esteemed ateliers.


1900x900 - Amsterdam


Going Dutch

The Netherlands is home to some of our favourite destinations – including Amsterdam and nothing beats a short trip across the North Sea for a spot of Christmas shopping.

This year, if you’re on the lookout for something a little different, be sure to check out the floating Christmas market at Leidan. Located roughly an hour’s drive from Amsterdam, here you’ll find all-manner of treats, ranging from home-brewed alcoholic beverages to kerststol – a traditional bread loaf made of nuts, spices and dried fruit. De-lish!

On the hunt for something a little quirkier? Our top pick has to be the awesome array of Dutch tree ornaments on display throughout the nation’s markets – especially those styled to look like a tiny pair of clogs!


1900x900 - Bruges


When in Bruges

What makes Bruges so unique is the fact that any of the city’s quaint side streets and market squares can make you can feel a million miles from home, despite the city itself being only an hour’s drive from Dunkirk.

Thinking of taking a road trip to Bruges in the run-up to Christmas 2018? You’ll find a bounty of festive goodies await. From Belgian beers brewed right in the heart of the city, to traditional Belgian chocs, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing presents for your loved ones.

Top of our wishlist this year however has to be Belgian lace. Available throughout Bruges and its neighbouring towns, do as the Belgians do and make 2018 the year you craft your very own gifts and decorations.

Whether you choose a set of coasters for your Grandma or a cover for your very own table, you’re sure to enjoy the sense of pride that comes with making your own gifts.


1900x900 - Strasbourg


Butchers, bakers and candlestick makers

For those that prefer to keep things even closer to home, France provides a wealth of Christmas gift ideas. Here you’ll find everything from traditional baked goods – such as pompe à l’huile cake and la galette des rois – to enough fine wine to quench even the booziest of thirsts.

Feeling adventurous? Stock up on mince pies for the road and take a drive to France’s oldest Christmas market, Christkindelsmärik. Located in Strasbourg – roughly a five hour drive from Calais – here you’ll find plenty of festive goodies to take back home with you on the ferry.

As well as all your usual festive favourites, at Christkindelsmärik you’ll also find some more traditional gift ideas. Included in these are hand crafted wooden toys, and candlesticks designed to represent the holy trinity.

Just remember to take your camera! As Strasbourg is located in the region that inspired Beauty and the Beast, there’s plenty of magic to be captured by those on the lookout for a festive selfie.


1900x900 - Frankfurt

German perfection

Germany is the home of traditional Christmas markets, so you can bet your bottom dollar (or Euro!)  that you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your loved ones here.

What’s more, many of Germany’s most prominent towns, such as Munster, Bremen and Dusseldorf are only a short drive from Amsterdam, making it the perfect destination for those itching for a festive road trip in the build-up to Christmas!

As well as all your usual favourites such as beer, German meats and stollen, those looking for a crafty alternative will love what’s on offer.

Amongst our current favourites is the wooden windmill. Designed with younger children in mind, it’s the ultimate gift to take back home to any nieces or nephews that love allowing their imaginations to run wild.


The perfect winter getaway!

Thinking of taking a trip to Europe in time for Christmas? Be sure to take advantage of having your car with you as you make your way across the continent.

Not only will this provide you with the freedom to check out some of the locations detailed above, it’ll also enable you to take even more gifts home – great news for you and your loved ones!

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