Ferry Good Reasons to Travel by Sea

May 15, 2017



Going on holiday abroad is all about excitement, new experiences and enjoying some time to rejuvenate. That means you want the whole process to be relaxing and easy, which, when you’re travelling by air, isn’t always possible.

But there is an alternative. Ferry travel is all about unwinding onboard, whether that’s with some fresh air on deck, a delicious 3 course meal, or sitting back to enjoy a drink with friends.


Room to breathe

One of the best things about travelling by ferry is being able to walk around and stretch your legs. On a ferry you have decks of space to stroll through with large windows so you can enjoy the sea views. There’s also lots of different places to visit. You can have a wander through the shop, or get some fresh air on deck, making sure to keep an eye out for any wildlife swimming past!


Everything and the kitchen sink

Baggage restrictions can often feel, well, restrictive… On a ferry you can fill your car up with as much luggage as you like, from your favourite outfit to your hiking gear! Plus, there’s no need to worry about putting all your liquids into little plastic bags.

It also means you can bring back all the souvenirs for your family, as well as some any treats you pick up for yourself while you’re away.


Food at sea

Say goodbye to microwave food with a peal back film! Ferry travel has the advantage of onboard restaurants and cafes, with some really special options on some routes. There are buffet restaurants for keeping every appetite happy, or cafés with light bites and great drinks, or full à la carte fine dining on longer routes.


Time to yourself

Having your own space and privacy is so important when you’re travelling. It gives you somewhere quiet to retire to and get some rest, if needed. On a ferry you have the option of private lounges, quiet areas, or you can even have your very own cabin on some routes.


In-flight entertainment

You no longer have to watch movies on a tiny screen set into a headrest! Ferries have actual cinemas (on our Newcastle to Amsterdam route), along with all sorts of other entertainment. You can enjoy a bit of live singing while sipping a cocktail, try your luck in the casino, or even relax in a hot tub with a sea view on our Copenhagen-Oslo route. The kids are well catered for too, with soft play areas and arcade gaming zones.


The onward journey

One of the biggest benefits of going by ferry is having your car with you. Not only does this make packing much easier, but it’s also so much more comfortable to have your own vehicle for your onward journey. It gives you the freedom to tailor your holiday exactly how you want. Plus, with your car you can keep the kids entertained, be that with a film on the tablet, a book to get stuck into, or just a good old game of I spy.


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