Chef du Cuisine, Brian Blixt Jacobsen

October 10, 2014


Meet Brian Blixt Jacobsen, the Chef du Cuisine onboard our KING SEAWAYS ship!

“Hi! I have been working onboard DFDS Seaways ferries now for thirteen years, across four separate routes, and I have spent the last six years serving the guests onboard our crossings from Newcastle and Amsterdam.

I was inspired to become a chef by my love of food. My specialities are the onboard starters and main courses, but my favourite type of food to prepare is smoked dishes.

As a rule, I only prepare food which I would enjoy eating myself, I love all the onboard dishes. My preference is simple, fresh food, the Tornados Rossini is popular with the guests. it’s a  grilled tenderloin of beef served with foie gras andtruffles, potato fondant and a port wine sauce.

When I’m  at home, I regularly treat my long-suffering friends and family to more experimental meals. I use this time at home to cook as a hobby and experiment with new dishes and combinations of food.

If I held a dinner party at the moment the theme would be Italian, although it would depend on the occasion.  The most important rule in food preparation is to keep it simple”.

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