Bruges: The Venice of the North

August 25, 2017



Bruges rightly deserves its epithet ‘the Venice of the North’ not only because of its many canals, but also because of its serene beauty. Every corner you turn you’re met with picturesque streets, elegant squares and fairy tale towers. Whether you go in spring and summer when Bruges is bursting with flowers, or in the autumn and winter and cosy up with a hot chocolate in a local café, it’s hard not to fall under the city’s enchantment.

When it comes to travel, our Channel ferry crossings between Dover and Dunkirk put you within easy drive of Bruges, as well as our Newcastle-Amsterdam crossing.


Cobbled streets and canals

You could spend hours just wandering the streets of Bruges, admiring the picturesque Flemish architecture and romantic medieval towers. It’s hard to imagine somewhere that looks more like the perfect fairy tale city.

A canal boat tour is a must to get a good overview, allowing you to sit back and take in the beauty of Bruges’s historic palaces, merchants’ halls, and towers.


Art and architecture

One place you really should make time for is the Groeningemusuem. This incredible art gallery features a stunning collection of Renaissance art, as well as more modern works from Flemish artists.

In the centre of the city you’ll find the Belfort, a towering 13th century belfry that still rings out on certain days of the week, the bells pulled by hand. If you can manage the steps, you can climb to the top of the tower to admire some incredible views.

On the other side of the Market Square (Markt) you’ll find the Historium Brugge, a fun look at the medieval history of the city, with fictional characters and immersive interiors and film displays. There’s even a new VR experience that puts you in medieval Bruges.


Evening enchantment

Staying in Bruges overnight gives you the treat of seeing the evening illuminations, where the city’s buildings are floodlit to create a beautifully enchanting feel. There’s also no end of fantastic bars and restaurants serving up local specialities, from elegant formal dining to something a bit more relaxed.

In the summer a canal-side bar or restaurant gives you a beautifully romantic backdrop, with the lights twinkling in the calm waters. Moules frites it’s one of the best local favourites, and you can be confident that the mussels will be very fresh and very delicious.


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