Arts & Culture in Northern France

September 19, 2014

Thinking of taking a break? If you love exploring Europe through the arts and culture, northern France has got a lot to offer you. From vibrant street festivals to sunny kite festivals on the shores, no matter what your family fancy, there’s something for you!

Wine, beer and artisan food festival: « Le Temps des Mets » in Dunkerque (Ideal for friends and couples )

Every year in April, visitors flock to the conference hall in Dunkirk to experience a wine and beer extravaganza as more than 100 exhibitors show off their cellars and local delicacies. Independent wine makers and artisan food producers from all over France proudly & passionately tell visitors everything about their beverages and traditional foodstuffs. Everything can be tried and savoured on site, so that you can buy and stock up on all your favourites! The “Salon du Temps des Mets” covers a surface area of 3000m2 and is a fantastic opportunity to experience the great taste of France without having to travel long distances. The festival is located just 17 miles drive from the Port of Dunkirk and takes place in the Congress centre: 7 bis Place du Casino, 59140 Dunkerque.

International kite festival in Berck-sur-Mer (Ideal for families, friends & couples)

This festival first started in 1987 & since then it has continued to grow every year. The fine sands of Berck-sur-Mer in Pas de Calais are the perfect scenery for a unique aerial kite choreography. Nowadays more than 750,000 spectators from France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Holland & Germany gather throughout the festivities for the annual International Kite Festival.

This event is aimed at families, as well as couples and friends. It is mesmerising, as well as fascinating, to watch the teams of flyers display their synchronized choreographies on the beach. Children will be amazed by the high tech kites and many of them take their own kites to practise.

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Cassel Carnival (Ideal for families)

A special Easter celebration that blends traditional folklore with family traditions.

The small town of Cassel welcomes more than 1000 costumed characters each year, all competing with the noise of the drums. During this carnival more than 10,000 visitors coming from all over the region to Cassel to assist to the outing of the local giants & join in the celebrations. The maze of narrow streets is so densely packed that bands can only pass each other in the main square. This is the final event in the Flemish carnival season, Cassel Carnival starts from 6:00am and ends around 10:00pm.

If you go to Cassel, don’t forget to visit the Musée de Flandre not only for its works of art (focused on Flanders) but also for its spectacular building.

Les Turbulentes – Street arts festival in Vieux-Condé (Ideal for families)

Street performers test their new routines at the Vieux-Condé festival. Located on the banks of the Escaut river at Vieux-Condé, this festival, which has taken place for more than a decade, brings together not only local artists, but also some 30 invited companies. This lively event is for families and everyone who might be interested by street arts.

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Z’Arts Up in Béthune (Ideal for families)

Z’Arts’Up! in Béthune creates a new living space … in the street!

Z’Arts’Up! is an open air street-art festival, offering the public the perfect way to get caught up in the performers’ enthusiasm. Street theatre has been growing in popularity in recent years and in Béthune, this outdoor festival is one of the very best examples in the region.

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