10 Fantastic French Golfing Getaways

April 8, 2016

With the Masters upon us, it’s no surprise that lots of us are digging out our old clubs and remembering the simple pleasure of a good game of golf. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran of the fairways looking for inspiration for your next trip away?

Either way, if you’re not keen on your local driving range, then why not check out our recommendations for 10 of the best golf courses in France and enjoy a golfing getaway with us?

Golf D’Arnouville

The smallest course on our list, Golf D’Arnouville consists of 2 separate 9 hole courses as well as a 6 hole pitch & putt. The small size of this course shouldn’t take away from what is a beautiful golfing destination, located in France’s stunning Pays de Caux region. The course’s wide, open fairways give it a natural feel, while its synthetic greens ensure that the maintenance of the course doesn’t affect the environment surrounding the course. Located just half an hour from Dieppe, the course is easily accessible nearby towns and cities too.


Golf Du Bois De Ruminghem

A peaceful golfing oasis located between 2 forests, Golf du Bois de Ruminghem is a great place to get away from it all and play a few holes. With separate 18 and 9 hole courses, this course provides a stern test for experienced players, but also a space where even complete beginners can work on their game.

What’s more, the course is located in the wonderful Côte D’Opale region, in between Calais and Dunkirk and not far from Boulogne either. The perfect combination of an easily accessible and secluded location.


Mérignies Golf et Country Club

Mérignies Golf et Country Club is one of the most modern courses on our list, and is located just a short drive from Lille, northern France’s biggest city. Mérignies Golf et Country Club consists of 3 separate 9 hole courses which you can combine to an 18 hole course should you wish, with another 9 holes due to open in 2017.

Despite the region around Lille being fairly flat, Mérignies Golf et Country Club manages to provide a fairly hilly and uneven course, with rolling greens and undulating fairways.


Golf Du Touquet

Set in a stunning location, between a huge pine forest and the famous sand dunes of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, this course is a one-off for the north of France.

One of the largest golfing complexes in the entire country, Golf Du Touquet consists of 3 separate courses, 2 with 18 holes and another with 9 holes. The 18 hole La Mer course is ranked as one of the top 100 courses in Europe, while La Forêt is a peaceful course for players of all levels. Beginners should try out the 9 hole Manoir course, which aims to incorporate all facets of the game of golf.


Golf De Saint-Saëns

Golf De Saint-Saëns is a fairly unique course for the region of Normandy. Made up of an 18 and 9 hole course, as well as a hotel complex, it is a one-stop shop for a golfing getaway.

Shaded by a beautiful, verdant forest, the scenery surrounding the course helps provide the kind of tranquil and scenic natural beauty which makes golf such a popular hobby.


Golf De Dieppe Pourville

Lots of the courses on our list are modern, however Golf De Dieppe Pourville bucks that trend, having been established in 1897. That makes it the 7th oldest course in France, and helps give it a real golfing prestige. The course itself isn’t too large, consisting of a single 18 hole course, plus a 4 hole practise course, but the stunning sea views of the Normandy coast mean that it isn’t a course to be missed.


Golf D’Hardelot

Hardelot is probably one of the most beautiful golf courses on the continent. Set between forests and sand dunes, much like Golf Du Touquet, the complex consists of 2 courses with unique identities based on the surrounding scenery. This helps make Hardelot a challenging and enjoyable visit for golf fans, who can test out all parts of their game across the courses.


Garden Golf Rouen La Forêt Verte

A challenging course lined by trees and dotted with water features, Garden Golf Rouen La Forêt Verte is nonetheless accessible for all levels of players, but must be respected!

With separate 18 and 9 hole courses, both hilly and challenging, the complex offers a real test even to established golfers, but at the same time, the beautiful surroundings, including tree-lined fairways and undulating greens, mean beginners can take their time and focus on enjoying themselves. Just watch out for the water traps!


Golf Blue Green Dunkirk

Located near the famous port town of Dunkirk and built in 1983, Blue Green Dunkirk is a popular golfing destination for British tourists. The architecture of this 76 hectare course takes inspiration from Fort Vallieres, which is located nearby and includes walls made of gabion and wood, honeycomb turf partitions and more, all helping to create a truly unique golfing getaway.


Saint Omer’s Golf

Consisting of 27 holes in total, Saint Omer’s Golf was named a “Pole of Golfing Excellence” by the French National Olympic Committee, due to its fantastic championship-level 18 hole course, and its shorter, 9 hole academy course.

The course is located near Calais, and set in the natural curves of the hilly region, which helps give an undulating and challenging course for golfers of all levels.

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