21 Places To Travel In 2021

November 6, 2020

With many of us spending more time in our gardens, parks and local areas in 2020, next year is an opportunity to explore further – and we’re sure we’re all ready for it! To give you inspiration and to help you plan your 2021 getaway, we’ve listed 21 places to travel to in 2021. Take a peek below to satisfy your wanderlust!

1. Prehistoric Flint Mines of Spiennes
Over 100 metres beneath the ground, in the Belgian town of Spiennes, lie some of the oldest mines in Europe, dating as far back as 4200 BC. These Neolithic mines are a UNESCO World Heritage site and to protect them, a limited number of visitors are permitted per year. Book ahead to avoid disappointment.


2. Go ‘forest bathing’ at Lyons la Forêt
‘Forest Bathing’ is the process of immersing yourself in woodland, feeling the earth beneath your feet, hearing the birds sing and seeing the myriad of wildlife which lives there. A perfect place to do this is in the woods surrounding Lyons la Forêt. Marvel at the cathedral of beech trees before returning to the medieval centre of the village to enjoy some delectable, local food.


3. Be inspired at Giverny
See nature come alive in the charming town of Giverny, once home to Impressionist painter, Claude Monet, and the inspiration of many of his works. You can visit his former home and grand gardens where he created his famous water lily series of paintings and learn more about the Impressionist movement at The Museum of Impressionism.


4. Cycle through water in Genk.
‘Cycling through Water’ is a unique cycle path which lets you ride you ride more than 200 metres through a lake. The path is sunk beneath the water so the lake is at eye level and becomes a truly immersive experience. It’s accessible to walkers and joggers too.


5. Unlock your sense of magic at Le Chêne Chapelle
In the northern French town of Alouville, sits an ancient oak tree which is thought to be over 1,000 years old. Venture inside its trunk and explore the staircase, balcony and two chapels which lie within.


6. Go wildlife spotting at Veluwe National Park
Head into the heart of Veluwe, one of the finest areas of scenic beauty in the Netherlands. Spot deer, badgers and foxes in the heathlands, forests and sand drifts of the area. Just 90 minutes from Germany, Veluwe is well situated to explore wider Europe too.


7. Watch the sunset in Saxon Switzerland
One of Germany’s many national parks, the confusingly named Saxon Switzerland mixes majestic mountains which reach into the clouds, glassy lakes and deep valleys which have been weathered over 100 million years to create this unique landscape. The Bastei Bridge offers outstanding views for miles and is the perfect place to watch the sunset. A hike through the forest to the top of Schrammsteine will reward you with awe inspiring views across the rocky columns, battered cliffs and deep valleys in the national park.


8. Let the Norwegian Fjords take your breath away
Stunning in all seasons, the Norwegian Fjords offer majestic mountains, glassy waters and a sense of grandeur like nowhere else on earth. Take the Bergen to Flåm ferry down the Søgneford, breathing in the surrounding vistas. In Flåm hop onboard the Flåmsbana railway which will take you through the mountains, past waterfalls and grand valleys, and will no doubt take your breath away.


9. Climb the cliffs at Étretat
The striking chalk cliffs at Étretat are great for a walk that will get those legs burning. You’ll be rewarded at the top with stunning views across the channel and maybe an ice-cream if you’re lucky!


10. Feel the sand beneath your feet at the Lommel Sahara
Smell the fragrant pinewoods, drink in the clear blue lake and feel the sand beneath your feet which has earned this natural park the nickname of the ‘Belgian Sahara.’


11. Go Skiing in the Alps
If you’re looking for a winter getaway in 2021, take your pick from the many ski resorts across Europe. With courses from beginners through to professionals there are ski slopes for everyone and you’ll be rewarded with a warming cup of hot chocolate in the ski lodge afterwards.


12. Explore Haarlem
While many tourists flock to Amsterdam, there is plenty of culture, cuisine and world-famous art in the nearby city of Haarlem. Visit the Teyler’s Museum, the oldest museum in the Netherlands, step back in time at the historical Grote Markt and discover Haarlem’s quirky, hidden courtyards before sampling some of Holland’s finest gastronomy at one of the many restaurants and bars in the city.


13. Take a roadtrip through The Moselle Valley
The Moselle Valley flows by the Vosges mountains, through France, Luxembourg and western Germany, with spectacular landscapes and romantic stops along the way. Stop by Cochem Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Trier or indulge in some wine tasting in Bernkastel-Keus.


14. Unwind on the French Riviera
The French Riviera has been an effortlessly elegant destination for the rich and famous since the 1920s, when writers F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway resided there and penned some of their greatest works. Whether you’re relaxing on a beach in Cannes, exploring the old town of Nice or sipping champagne in Antibes, the French Riviera is a glamorous getaway like no other!


15. Discover the history and cuisine of the Ardennes
The 11th century Castle of Bouillon in Ardennes is worth a visit with its colourful history and stunning surroundings. You can enjoy torchlight night tours, browse their exhibitions and enjoy tastings of regional cheese which is matured in the cellars of the castle. The gastronomy of the Ardennes includes smoked ham, the region’s famous paté and world-renowned trappist beers in abundance so you’ll certainly be well-fed on your trip!


16. Sample a blend of cultures in Alsace Loraine
If you want to experience multiple cultures, Alsace Loraine is located close to the German border and the merged French and German influences can be seen across this area. There are some amazing walking and cycling routes in this area and its variety of vineyards are great to explore too. Begin in France then drive across the border to neighbouring Germany to explore the nearby towns of Freiburg and Baden Baden.


17. See ‘the edge of the earth’ in Finistère
On the west coast of France, where land meets the Atlantic Ocean, is a place called Finistère, which means ‘the edge of the earth’ and it is the perfect place to watch the sunset. See the warm golden glow of the sun kiss the water as it reflects in the waves and gradually sets, setting the sky aflame with colour on its way down. The ocean vista is punctuated only by a lighthouse which has been there since 1887 and lights the way to sea.


18. Take a musical trip to Salzburg
Surrounded by the breath-taking Alps, the medieval city is proud of its famous son, Amadeus Mozart. Several visitor attractions across the city pay homage to the composer, including his birthplace which is now a museum. Concerts of his works take place regularly across the city too.
If you’re more of a musical theatre fan, the 1960s musical, The Sound of Music was filmed here. Daily bus tours take fans through the streets of Salzburg and up into the famous hills where Maria sings and dances during the opening of the film. Expect sing-alongs on the bus, stunning Alpine scenery and childhood nostalgia as you step into the world of The Sound of Music.


19. Amsterdam in all seasons
Whether it’s a weekend away or a longer break, Amsterdam is a great place for a holiday. The summer sees several festivals take over the city and spending time in the city’s parks with a picnic is a perfect way to spend a summer day. Springtime is when the country’s famous flowers begin to bloom and a visit to the world’s only floating flower market is a must. Autumnal Amsterdam is a delight, with the auburn colours casting the city in a golden light and winter sees the arrival of Sinterklaas and festive markets across the city. With world class museums, picturesque canals and a rich cultural history, you’ll not be short of things to do on a trip to Amsterdam in 2021.


20. Cycle the Dutch countryside
Mergellandroute in the South Limburg region of The Netherlands is popular with cyclists and hikers. This route will drive you along the highlights of the breath-taking landscapes and picturesque villages in of the area. Visit in spring to see some of the flower fields in bloom.


21. Visit the angelic Berchtesgade
Berchtesgaden is a lesser known Bavarian town located in southern Germany.
It is full of natural beauty, myths and history. Local legend has it that angels given the task of distributing the earth’s wonders, dropped everything here by accident, including the Watzmann, Germany’s majestic second-highest mountain and the pristine Königssee Lake.
Take a boat trip on the lake and marvel at the surrounding snow-capped mountains reflecting in the glassy water. If you venture into Berchtesgaden National Park you will be met with stunning scenery, and a range of walking routes for all the family to enjoy.



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