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100 Things to Tick off your European Bucket List

Millions of people flock to Europe every year, to experience the culture, the beauty and the way of life. With stunning architecture, delicious dining opportunities, incredible scenery and world famous sights, we’ve put together the ultimate list of 100 things you need to tick off your bucket list!

Monte Carlo

1. Skydiving in Unterschüpf in Germany. Freefall from 13,500ft above the Bavarian mountains and enjoy a birds-eye view of one of the most spectacular landscapes in Europe.


2. Dine in the clouds in Brussels. Enjoy a gourmet meal in the sky in the Belgian capital as an acclaimed chef prepares dishes for you while you’re suspended 165ft in the air.


3. Drink Champagne in Champagne. Come on, do you really need a reason why?


4. Sample Bordeaux in Bordeaux. See above for a reason why.


5. Place a bet in Monte Carlo. With some of the most chic casinos in the world, test your luck in Monte Carlo.


6. Try an espresso in Rome. Where better to try it than the capital city of the home of coffee?


7. Go for dinner in Piazza San Marco, Venice. Local buskers serenade you with classic Italian music as you admire the basilica and clock tower. There’s a multitude of options but make sure you book in advance.


8. Watch the fireworks display in Disneyland Paris®. The Disney Illuminations show is a combination of fireworks, projections and special effects involving all of your favourite characters. Release your inner child.


9. Drink a bottle of French wine at the Eiffel Tower. Throw down a blanket and pop a cork on the Champ de Mars. Visit at dusk to see the Tower as it illuminated with lights.


10. Visit a real chocolatiers in Bruges. Home of some of the world’s finest chocolate, pick up some authentic Belgian chocolate in Bruges.


11. Tour a monastery. Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Solesmes Monastery and Benedictine Abbey of Maredsous are just a few options to choose from in Western Europe.


12. Take a tour of Château d’If. A lonely fortress on the rocky island off Marseille, it once defended medieval royalty before becoming a prison until the end of the 19th.


13. Sunbathe in Tuscany. Tuscany’s Maremma Natural Park sits unassumingly on the Italian coast and begs you to bring your towel.


14. Dutch island hopping. Catch a boat across each of the 5 Frisian Islands so you can enjoy their unique, northern charm, with inviting pubs, lengthy coastlines and adorable wildlife.


15. Visit the Gaudi buildings in Barcelona. Gaudi’s art nouveau buildings are all over Barcelona, from Sagrada Familia to Casa Batlló. Make sure to see them from the inside, too.


16. Pitch a tent at Lake Constance. Wake up to the sound of gentle waters, birdsong and some of the freshest air in Europe, what more convincing do you need?


17. Motorbike through the French Alps. The lengthy, winding roads that weave through mountainous landscapes offer a true sense of the sublime.


18. Pet a lamb on Texel Island. Spring on this Dutch island sees adorable lambs bouncing through the luscious meadows. There’s a ‘lamb bicycle route’ to follow and you can even pet one.


19. Watch the sunset at Étretat. At the right time of year you can catch it sinking into the Channel through the archway in the famous alabaster cliffs.


20. Give up your car in Utrecht. With car-free zones, stretch your legs in this quaint Dutch town.

Amalfi Coast

21. Visit a war memorial in Normandy. Normandy has a number of touching memorials. Their size indicates the tragedy and scale of lives lost. Take a moment to reflect in these moving cemetaries.


22. Go ghost hunting in Poland. Legend dictates that the crumbling castle of Ogrodzieniec is haunted. A Black Dog roams the ruins at night. Be careful not to look into its burning eyes as you hear the sound of the chain it drags.


23. Attend King’s Day in Amsterdam. Pull out your finest orange attire for this national holiday to honour the King. The capital sees the best celebrations, with parties throughout the streets and canals.


24. Pick a pickle in Poland. Poland’s list of pickled foods is endless. Don’t leave before you’ve tried pickled cabbage, peppers and even pickled vegetable salad.


25. Cliff diving at the Amalfi Coast. Known for its Cliffside location, Amalfi has plenty of cliffs for anyone seeking that adrenaline rush. Do your research and find a safe spot favoured before you jump.


26. Catch a street performance in Barcelona. Professional operatic performers take to the Gothic quarter for outstanding renditions, and duos dance the tango or flamenco in the middle of street. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before.


27. Go rooftop drinking in Venice. The views from the streets of this Italian town are already amazing, but take it to the next level with a drink in the Skyline Rooftop Bar.


28. Hunt truffles in Florence. Pick these delicious and expensive fungi ripe from the ground in Florence’s forests. Book onto a professional walk to find the best spots.


29. Visit Cannes Film Festival. Epitomising of chic French glamour, the annual festival sees celebrities flock here. Though you may not get in the events, Cannes itself becomes a hub of cool culture.


30. Take the chateaux trail through Loire Valley. More than 70 chateaux line the wonderful countryside of the Loire Valley. Marvel in awe at impressive structures that have housed French royalty and nobility.


31. Get naked with the FKK in Munich. Leave your inhibitions behind and go skinny dipping in the English Garden with the Germany nudist community, Freikörperkultur.


32. Visit the Christmas Markets in Cologne. Set beneath the cathedral, Cologne’s Christmas Markets are as festive as they come. Handcrafted gifts, glüwein and wooden stalls sit under a blanket of fairy lights.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

33. Run from the Childcatcher in Rothernburg ob der Tauber, This picturesque German town was, in fact, a location in the timeless film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Relive your childhood in this beautiful wonderland.


34. Hit up a festival. Belgium’s EDM festival, Tomorrowland, is just one of the many music festivals that take place across Europe during the season. There’s a festival for every genre.


35. Push up the Tower of Pisa. Get your camera out at the Leaning Tower and, instead of taking the standard photo, get creative and see what you can do.


36. Take a tour of Alsatian vineyards. The Alsace wine route, established in 1953, boasts some of France’s best vineyards, as well as exquisite views of the rural countryside.


37. Take a cross-country sleeper train. This rustic travel option is a great way to save time when travelling. However, it’s also an important rite of passage for any keen traveller.


38. Stay in a mixed dorm. As above, although it’s not the most glamorous accommodation option, you’ll meet people from all over the world, and learn a lot about yourself, too.


39. Watch a summer film at La Villette. Every summer there’s a host of open-air films on at Paris’s third-largest park. It’s absolutely free and makes the perfect quirky date idea.


40. Make paella in Bilbao. Take a cooking class in this coastal town in northern Spain. The seafood here is unbelievably fresh, making it the perfect place to whip up a dish of classic seafood paella.


41. Throw away the keys in Annecy. Palais de l’Île is a medieval prison in the centre of the small French commune of Annecy. Protruding into the canal, the building now serves as an exhibition centre.


42. Visit a Living Room restaurant in Amsterdam. As literal as it sounds, enjoy dinner in the chef’s home. Sometimes there’s nothing nicer than a home-cooked meal, no matter where you are.


43. Enjoy the jazz bars of Krakow. Not the first place you’d expect to find jazz bars, but Krakow is actually full

Monet's Garden

44. Wander through Monet’s garden. Visit Giverny in France for a walk around the inspiration for Monet’s water lily garden.


45. Tour Auschwitz. Though heart-breaking, it’s important that those who suffered aren’t forgotten.


46. Get a drink in a Brown café in Amsterdam. Dating back to the 17th century, these are some of the oldest establishments in the capital. Order a local beer and enjoy the authentic Dutch atmosphere.


47. Get weird at the Crooked Forest. This Polish forest of unusual, crooked pine trees rests just minutes from the German border. Change the way you perceive nature with this bizarre phenomenon.


48. Run through the Lavender Fields in Provincial France. Acres of fields explode in purple as the weather warms in Valensole, France. The scent itself is intoxicating, but to walk amongst it is a celestial experience.


49. Go clubbing in Ibiza. Go big or go home. Ibiza’s clubs are world-famous. Party until the early (or even late) morning with some of the best DJs performing during the summer.


Italian Dolomites

50. Climb a mountain in the Italian Dolomites. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, get your boots on and scale a mountain in this range in north-eastern Italy. The views from the summit will make it all worthwhile.


51. Steal a kiss on Magere Brug. Amsterdam’s Skinny Bridge holds a curious myth. Kiss your beau upon the bridge and your love is secured for life.


52. Visit Germany’s loneliest hut. Upon the clear waters of Lake Obersee in Berchtesgaden sits an uninhabited hut. Its solitude beneath the imposing mountains gives the lake an eerie yet beautiful feel.


53. Discover Mont-Saint-Michel. Another solitary structure, this medieval abbey stands alone on an island in the English Channel. The Gothic exterior makes it impressive to behold.


54. Run along the lines in Paris. La PetiteCeinture is an abandoned railway line in Paris. Now overgrown, it is spectral yet stunning. Find the walkway by 16th arrondissement to traverse it safely.


55. Chase the wind in Holland. Holland’s 19 windmills of Kinderdijk have become an iconic part of Dutch culture. They hark back to an archaic Holland and are an example of Dutch genius.


56. Make a wish in Rome. Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, but don’t forget to make a wish. Legend tells us that if you do you’re guaranteed to come back to Rome.


57. Visit Montparnasse cemetery. The artistic skill that has gone into some of these tombs and headstones is absolutely amazing. Look out for a dragonfly and a cat named Ricardo.


58. Eat gelato in Rome. Home to some of the finest ice cream in the world, Rome’s forward-thinking manner means there’s dairy-free options, too!


59. Sip away at a Speakeasy in Amstedam. With an exclusive guest list and lengthy cocktail list, Amsterdam’s Door 74 is incredibly cool.


60. Take a ride on 2 wheels. The narrow streets and busy city driving means hiring an Italian Vespa is a much easier alternative to renting a car, it also makes you exceedingly cool.


61. Go fishing in Cinque Terre. The 5 charming fishing villages that make up this region in Northern Italy are made up of classic Italian architecture nestled into coastal cliff sides.


62. A royal Spanish picnic. Pick up some local flavours and head to Buen Retiro Park in Madrid. Its grand architecture, plush greenery and peaceful waters are just what you need to unwind.


63. Take in the view from Heidelberg Castle. The castle itself is magnificent, but the view from of the city is equally as breath-taking. See the full beauty of the meandering Neckar and the medieval buildings below.


64. Release your inner art-critic. Europe’s art galleries hold some of the most acclaimed art in the world. Choose from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, Louvre in Paris, Uffizi in Florence and Prado in Madrid (to name but a few).


65. Drink German beer in Spain with Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway adored Spain, and Madrid in particular. One of his favourite haunts, Cervecería Alemana, still stands today. Ask for the table by the window in this German bar. Don’t forget to take your pen.


66. Get on a boat. From a romantic gondola in Venice, to a peaceful boat trip in Bruges or a canal cruise in Amsterdam, Europe is rich with waterways that just beg you to join them.


67. Skiing in Spain. Head to the Sierra Nevada Mountains for a day of skiing before taking a trip down the mountains to the beaches of Malaga. Snow and sun all in one day!


68. Search for justice in The Hague. Visit the International Court, or Peace Palace, where some of the planet’s most important decisions have been made.


69. Catch a dose of tulipmania. Explore Holland in the spring and see a country in bloom. From expansive tulip fields to festivals and parades, you’ll find the national flower everywhere in spring.


70. Fall into a fairytale at Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle was the inspiration for the famous Disney castle. Set amongst Bavarian forests and snow-capped mountains, you’ll feel transported into a children’s fable.


71. Discover Corsica. This island just off southern France puts luxury at the forefront. The fascinating rock formations and warmth of the crystal waters heighten Corsica’s exotic feel.


72. Eat tapas in Seville. Rather than heading to a restaurant, visit a wine bar. Often the bar staff will put out free tapas for you to enjoy.


73. Le Moulin Rouge. Follow the notorious red windmill and experience a world-class show that represents the growing sexuality of Parisian artistry and culture at the fin-de-siècle.


74. Vintage shopping in Nine Streets. Wander round independent boutiques in Amsterdam’s Nine Streets. You can pick up some totally unique findings, from thrift attire to one-of-a-kind jewellery.


75. Visit the sinking house of Montmatre. This may take a bit of searching for, but tilt your head for a perspective-altering view.


76. Go underground in the Ardennes. The ethereal labyrinths and caves that exist beneath the Ardennes are an extraordinary demonstration of nature’s idiosyncratic splendour.


77. Learn a lesson from the world’s only UNESCO museum. Antwerp’s Plantin-Moretus museum is the only museum to be named a UNESCO World Heritage site. Fascinating exhibitions make it well worth a visit.


78. See the poppies of Flander’s Fields. These gorgeous fields are lined with the red hues of Belgian poppies. Though destroyed by the battles of WW1, they have regrown just as lovely as they were.


79. Look up in Rome. Rome’s Sistine Chapel is home to one of the most famous pieces of art in the world. Look up to see the masterpiece by Da Vinci painted on the ceiling.


80. Go to a gig at Paradiso. This historic venue in Amsterdam appears almost as though a church, with stained glass windows, but has seen some of the coolest bands and DJs.


81. VIP retail therapy in Milan. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the oldest shopping arcades in the world. Not only is it an amazing piece of architecture, but also houses some of the most glamorous shops in the world.


82. Eat Indonesian food in Amsterdam. Amsterdam’s has picked up a rep for having the best Indonesian food outside of Asia. Why not see for yourself? For the best options head to De Pijp.


83. Climb the Bruges Bell tower. Ascend Bruges’s medieval belfry for panoramic views of the city. The 366 narrow steps mean it’s not for the fainthearted.


84. Blow glass in Murano. Venice’s Glass Island, Murano, has a history of glass-blowing dating back nearly 1000 years. Watch professionals create unique pieces, even have a go yourself.

Lake Como

85. Knock one back with the Poles. Trying Polish vodka is a must when in the country. Want to do it right? Drink it straight. There’s flavoured options for those unaccustomed to the harsh taste. Hazelnut is particularly nice.


86. Order a prosecco at Lake Como. Unbelievable scenery paired with a local sparkling wine, how could you not?


87. Spend a day in Segovia. Just a 1 hour bus journey from Madrid, Segovia’s medieval and Roman history make simply walking around the centre a captivating experience.


88. Order a stein at Oktoberfest. This enormous annual beer festival dates back to the early nineteenth century. Tents, performances and parades make up the 18-day event


89. Follow the Rhine. Starting near our port in Ijmuiden, the mouth of the Rhine feeds into the North Sea. Follow the river on the road trip of a lifetime through Holland and Germany.


90. Walk amongst the treetops in Germany. Standing 300ft in the air is Germany’s longest suspension bridge. Reaching nearly 1,200ft long, it bridges Morsdorf and Sosberg through an expanse of impressive scenery.


91. Go for a run in Vondelpark. Before the crowds begin to gather take an early morning run through this 47 hectare park. The organic appearance of the park makes one forget they’re in a capital city.


92. Visit the Provins Medieval Festival. This UNESCO World Heritage town goes all in at their annual Medieval Festival, with jesters, jugglers, jousters and more.


93. Dip a croissant in your coffee on the Champs-Elysees. Forget adding jam or butter, the French dip their breakfast croissants into their coffee. Dine Al Fresco in a Parisian patisserie and try it for yourself.


94. Discover a town frozen in time. Italy’s Pompeii and Herculaneum were obliterated after a volcanic eruption in 79AD. Visit what remains of the two towns, including the petrified residents.


95. Ride a ferris wheel in the sea. The iconic ferris wheel on the Dutch beach of Scheveningen stands just out for the pier, as if hovering of the North Sea. Take a ride for amazing views from all angles.


96. Say a prayer in Skull Chapel. Built in Poland in 1776, the chapel is made up of the bones of those who died during wars or from illnesses. It’s up there with one of the scariest experiences in Europe.


97. Scuba dive to a sunken city. Once an exciting Ancient Roman town, Baia in Italy sunk due to volcanic instability. Dive to the depths to see the tiled floors, perfectly preserved statues and more.


98. Find your Romeo in Verona. Said to be the house that inspired Shakespeare for Romeo and Juliet, visit the Gothic 14th century domicile and recite Juliet’s famous monologue from the balcony.


99. Bike with a beer in Amsterdam. Bicycles and beer: 2 things that will always spring to mind when you think of the Dutch. Do them together on an innovative tour of the capital.


100. Kayak through the French Dordogne. The southern department of Dordogne boasts some of the most striking views in France. Hire a kayak and paddle through the still waters of the Dordogne River.

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