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Discover the House of Bols

The House of Bols is one of Amsterdam’s most interesting museum experiences. Located in Museumsplein in the centre of the city, it tells the story of Lucas Bols, the world’s oldest distilled spirit brand. Lucas Bols have been making liqueurs in A...

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Austrian wine, Europe’s best-kept secret?

As a country, Austria does a lot of things well. If you were looking for a skiing holiday or if you wanted to visit fairytale castles set in beautiful countryside, then the country would be at the top of your list, however it is far from the first de...

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The French Vineyards

Wine culture in France is almost seen as a way of life, it has traditionally been seen as an art form the French take great pride in. The majority of French regions/departments cultivate their own wine. Each wine-making region has its own distinctive...

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Putting a fizz into your trip

Like the bubbles of champagne? You’ll love the champagne region of France! Back in the Roman era, the region was known as Campania (Land of Plains) & it’s not difficult to see where it gets that name from, a vast agricultural area with stunni...

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Northern France – Top Hidden Gems

Europe is becoming more and more borderless, with access between neighbouring countries getting easier year on year. Where previously border-crossing was a time-consuming and stressful experience, nowadays were it not for a text alert on your mobile ...

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