Summertime in Copenhagen

July 14, 2015


Copenhagen is the coolest and most modern of the Scandinavian capitals, with lively bars and cafes that are buzzing every night of the week. The Danish capital is regularly voted one of the most liveable cities in the world and it’s easy to see why. Copenhagen is clean and safe, with gorgeous architecture, a laid-back cafe culture and amazing restaurants, so it’s no surprise to discover that the Danes are among the happiest people in the world!

All of this makes Copenhagen the perfect place for a romantic summer getaway, and with the weather across Europe reaching scorching highs, what better time to take a trip to the Danish capital?

Three rectangular lakes curve around the centre of Copenhagen, popular with joggers, runners and other outdoor enthusiasts. Bird watchers will also be at home here, with the opportunity to see many different species around the lakes. Hit the lakes early in the morning and have a relaxing stroll while the city wakes up around you.

Christiania is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood just a short distance from Copenhagen. The area is famous as a city-within-a-city, a commune of hippies and free spirits who took over the area in the 1970s. An arty, laid-back hub full of murals and installations, Christiania attracts over 1 million visitors each year and is a fascinating area to discover with your partner, at a 90 degree angle to the realities of the busy Danish capital.

For a reminder of your childhood, head outside of the city to the Little Mermaid statue, which turned 100 years old in 2013. Despite numerous cases of vandalism, including two beheadings, Hans Christian Andersen’s mermaid remains and guards the harbour, hoping to catch a glimpse of her prince, a testament to the fabled power of true love.

Amusement parks have been classic date venues in film and popular culture for decades, and still are to this day, and which park could possibly be better than Tivoli Gardens?

The world’s second oldest amusement park, Tivoli Gardens has enchanted visitors for generations with its rides, its beautiful surroundings and much more.

Copenhagen Pride Parade takes place each 15 August, and features a huge parade of the city’s local LGBT residents, plus many more who have travelled especially for the day. In 2014 a record-breaking 21,000 people turned up to take part, so why not travel with your partner and lend your support?

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Despite numerous cases of vandalism, including two beheadings, Hans Christian Andersen’s mermaid remains and guards the harbour, hoping to catch a glimpse of her prince, a testament to the fabled power of true love.

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