Summer Sights of Scandinavia

March 3, 2015


Scandinavia is one of Europe’s most naturally beautiful areas, and truly glistens in the summer months, when the sun is shining, the cities are lively and vibrant, and the wonderful Nordic landscape is easy to explore.

In Scandinavia the Summer Solstice is a national holiday, and is almost as important as Christmas Day for many Scandinavians. The Summer Solstice (or Midsummer as it is known) is another name for the longest day of the year, 21 June, and the celebrations usually take place on the Saturday between 20 and 26 June.

In Sweden, the festival is called Midsommar and is generally celebrated with spring-themed wreaths and other traditional activities. In Norway and Denmark it is a national holiday, celebrated with large bonfires and processions through the street. All of these events make Midsummer a great time to visit Scandinavia.

The summer is, of course, the best season for outdoor holidays.

Whether you’re hiking, cycling, canoeing or just exploring, there’s plenty to do all across Scandinavia.

Discover the glorious fjords of Norway, including the majestic Geirangerfjord. Geirangerfjord is one of the most visited fjords in the country, mainly because of its majestic natural beauty, but also because of the range of activities available to tourists here. Go fishing, canoeing, or water rafting in the huge body of water, or explore the famous Seven Sisters waterfalls and some of Norway’s most dramatic views.

Scandinavia also has plenty of cool, trendy cities which come alive in the summer. Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen is built around a series of lakes which are popular spots during the summer for locals, young and old, to hang out and relax. Just outside of the city lies Dyrehaven Forest, a beautiful wooded area which is also the ideal spot for a picnic. Similarly, Norway’s capital Oslo was founded on an impressive fjord, and is located near the beautiful Nordmarka forest.

Scandinavia also has a few gorgeous beaches, such as those in Sweden’s Falsterbo area, the famous surfer’s paradise of Kitmoller in Denmark, known jokingly as Cold Hawaii by the locals, or Stavanger, Norway’s southern city, and its rugged coastline.

Scandinavia is one of the most striking and fascinating areas of Europe, if not the world, and welcomes explorers and visitors all seasons. Pay a visit in the summer and see why the Scandinavian nations are regularly found to be among the happiest countries in the world.

9 comments on “Summer Sights of Scandinavia”


August 06, 2019 08:28

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Kirsten milner

August 06, 2019 09:55

Right DFDS! I would like to invite you to send me a copy of your timetable for sailings to Scandinavia ! I fail to see the relevance of this bit of advertising, when you don’t actually have any routes from UK to anywhere in Sweden, Norway or Denmark at all !!! Time you rectified that !

Chris Barnes

August 06, 2019 10:05

Please advise how we can get to Denmark/Scandinavia using using DFDS (or any other ferry) service. DFDS destroyed in a stroke most of the tourist opportunities in Scandinavia. Then you tease us with publicity which we can not follow up on!!!!!!!!!!!......................

Scandi lover

August 06, 2019 10:06

Please bring back the Harwich Esbjerg route and then we can again enjoy all these wonderful things you describe without having to fly there or drive for an impossible amount of hours. We are waiting for your reply.

caroline boucher

August 06, 2019 10:38

yes you are rubbing salt into 1000s of potential cumstomers wounds . im in scotland used your ferry ro sweden / norway demark to uk . and know cannot do my wanderlust holidays in the lands thats i love and feel im at home in . re blue eyes and blonde hair . . even the vikings manage to have boats to scotland . but dfds cant . poor show . surely given all the routes that ran, one stratigically placed route would suffice as all the combined users of all the ferrys would use the one that you should have . ... its not as simple as flying then hiring a car . people who like to travel and camp cannot take all there camping gear to use when they get there so its a whole lot of tourism thats just not happening . so come dfds swallow your negative words and supply us in uk with a ferry . .. kind regards from scotland caroline boucher..... i know this is falling on deaf ears but one day someone in your comany will see sense .

Johnna Giles

August 06, 2019 12:36

I used to be a happy Dane but no longer! I LONG for the 'good old days' when I could take my car on the Harwich-Esbjerg route to get to my Danish summer house. Yours forever hopeful!

Robert Yates

August 06, 2019 13:05

I wholeheartedly endorse the other comments here about the missing link between Scandinavia, Northern Germany and the UK. I used Harwich-Esbjerg regularly for 30 years and now really miss it. The drive to the UK is a nightmare. The tourist industry in Scandinavia and the UK has grown since. (The cheap pound will help Scandinavian tourists to the UK.) There is a Facebook group with many members begging for a new link. The mayor of Esbjerg has promised favourable harbour conditions to a new route. Come on DFDS do you not have a modern combi ferry with passengers and freight to give the route a try again... ?

Christine Andersen

August 06, 2019 13:22

It's so true. But HOW DO YOU SUGGEST PEOPLE GET TO SCANDINAVIA FROM THE UK? OR BACK AGAIN? Please re-start the Esbjerg to Harwich route! I am sure it could be viable in a modern version. My family would definitely use it, and give us the chance to see our relatives on the other side. We used to love the ferry crossings with DFDS, and three generations of my family, cousins, nephews and nieces had some wonderful crossings which we enjoyed as part of the holiday. Since 2014 the journey is a gruelling drive and we need a day or two to recover each time. My family "only" travels between Denmark and the south of England, so we can manage with about 900 - 1000 kilometres of driving. It is exhausting and NOT environment friendly. We no longer manage to see the North of England, where I grew up, because the driving is just too much. My husband and I are pensioners, and we will not be able to do the journey well up into our eighties, as our parents did. I like Germany, but it is so frustrating to be stuck on the motorway and not have time to see the country. When we finally get to the ferry at Hoek van Holland, day or night, we go straight to our cabin and sleep for as many hours as possible, so the voyage is not nearly as enjoyable as the old Esbjerg route. Flying is not really easier - we can never just relax as we could on the ferry. We have to keep moving every hour, and then there is all the hassle of hiring a car, not humping luggage about, or not being able to take it with us at all. Scandinavia is lovely, as you say, and so is the UK for those of us who live in Scandinavia, but at present it is too difficult to get across! Especially for those who want to travel between the UK and Norway, Sweden, the Faroes ... PLEASE start a ferry again!!

Chris Goddard

August 08, 2019 06:53

I also whole heartedly endorse the previous comments about the lack of DFDS service between UK and Scandinavia. After 140 years of providing a service why take it away and then continue to advertise the advantages of visiting Denmark? Bring back the Esbjerg/Harwich boat please - think of the amazing advertising opportunity it would give DFDS! And the very many people who would then be able to visit beautiful Scandinavia!

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