Seas the Day: Oyster Festival Dunkirk

September 26, 2015


Our new Seas the Day series will see us detail events across Europe which only last a day or 2, providing you with enough information for you to take advantage of any events which take your fancy! Whether it’s celebrating traditional food and drink, or arts, culture and music, we’ll be sure to include it. This week, we’re covering the Dunkirk Oyster Fair.

Dunkirk is a famous maritime town in the north of France, with a proud marine and seafaring history.

It is probably best known in the UK as the location of a backs-to-the-wall military evacuation during the Second World War which is still a source of pride to this day.

With a busy, bustling ferry port, the city is an important entry point to France and into Europe in general, popular with tourists and travellers. The city does, however, also get a number of visitors in its own right, and there is plenty to do around Dunkirk.

La Bouée Bleue is an organisation dedicated to conserving maritime and fluvial traditions in France, and one of the main ways it raises funds for its work is through the annual Dunkirk Oyster Fair. The fair takes place on the first weekend of October each year, this year it is 2-4 October.

The fair sees more than 9 tons of oysters sold and eaten on site by more than 20,000 visitors, all taking place under a gigantic 2000 square metre tent. There is also plenty of entertainment, provided by local artists, musicians and orchestras, to keep you happy while you enjoy your oysters!

Oysters are a popular food among both tourists and locals, and if you’re looking for a way to enjoy the most freshly caught oysters around, then look no further than the annual fair.

3 comments on “Seas the Day: Oyster Festival Dunkirk”

Jane Coggins

September 30, 2016 08:11

I went to the festival last year and really enjoyed it. Really good atmosphere and great food and drink. Enjoyed it so much I am going back this year. DFDS - it could be a good idea to put a website link where people can get more details regarding time etc.

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