Planning for a Road Trip

May 30, 2015


I’ve done a number of holidays in which I rent a car, but I’ve never done a trip that involves just jumping in the car and starting the holiday at my front door.

I’m so excited about my upcoming trip to Northern France with DFDS Seaways and can’t wait get stocked up and ready – without worrying about liquids spilling or squeezing everything into a small suitcase.

With this in mind, I have been googling as if my life depends on it and have compiled a list of planning and packing tips to make your road trip as comfortable and memorable as possible!

Booking accommodation

You can plan a road trip to the best of your abilities, but who knows where a spontaneous turn or a local recommendation might end up taking you. This is why I’ve used to arrange my accommodation so that I can change my mind, as many of the hotels allow you to cancel up until 24hrs before. Route diversions and indecisiveness has led me to three changes already (& we’re only going for 3 nights!)

Car Hire

If you don’t have a car, or just don’t trust yours to get you from A-B, there are lots of car hire companies available to you. However, after lengthy research the only company that would allow you to take your car into Europe from the UK was Europcar. Top tip – You heard it here first! Has anyone had any experiences of driving a hire car from UK to France? Let me know in the comments…

Check the rules

Don’t let a ticket ruin your mood or your road trip budget – check the rules of the country you’re travelling in and make sure to stay on the correct side of the road too!

Making a long journey comfortable

If you’re travelling a long distance, its all about comfort. Make sure to pack your pillow and an eye mask so you can take it in turns to relax. Also, you don’t want to be having warm food and drinks, so put a cool box in the boot and cram it full of your favourite snacks.


If you pick a good travel partner, the conversation will be flowing but you are going to need a bit of background noise! Start a Spotify playlist that you can all add to and then (if you have a premium account) download it to play offline in the app – that way you can have uninterrupted tunes that you will all agree on!

Last but not least, don’t forget your GPS, a toothbrush… and a spare pair of pants!

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5 comments on “Planning for a Road Trip”

Gillian Hardy

June 03, 2015 15:58

I'm pretty sure Enterprise allow you to go to Europe in one of their hire cars too - they certainly did in 2010 when I needed one to go to an Indochine concert in Epernay after the underside of my car collapsed during the MOT! There's no problems driving a hire car in France - you have to paid extra in insurance and the deposit and that's it. Also, quite often the hire cars are diesel too, which is handy if you're putting in a lot of miles.

Elite Crete

April 10, 2019 13:04

Really nice post!i have done the road trip from Uk to France it wa such a nice experience with lot of driving!!!

Olympic Rent a Car

May 20, 2019 15:57

I love road trips!!!


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Roadside Assistance

September 09, 2020 23:20

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