Get a ‘Pizza’ the Action at Little Italy

June 9, 2016



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A taste of the Mediterranean onboard our cruise ferry between Newcastle and Amsterdam, Little Italy is the most informal and casual restaurant of our onboard selection, although it’s anything but quiet!

Pizzas fly out of the ovens 2, sometimes, 3 at a time, before being glided over to our expectant customers who are usually sat there with their knives and forks ready and napkins tucked into their shirts, just dying to get stuck in. The sound of chat fills the room as families and friends excitedly dish out tips for their upcoming holiday, or swap stories and reminisce about the trip they’re returning home from, occasionally stopping to take mouthful of delicious pizza, pasta or one of our appetisers, “mmm!” they exclaim, covering their mouths, still full, “that tastes amazing!”.

There’s something here to cater for every taste: from the classic Margherita – the true test of a pizza chef’s ability – to the more exotic Pizza Valtellina, covered with taleggio cheese and bresaola, a type of salami made from pure beef. For our chefs what’s key is to ensure that all the pizzas on the menu taste great and are accessible for people of all ages and tastes!

“From day one we have been dedicated to using the proper raw foods and learning from people who really know what they’re doing,” they explain.

Although the pizzas steam out of the kitchen at full speed, the process behind the scenes is painstaking, as our chefs explain to us,

“the base is created using a sourdough, which has to prove for a full day before baking,”

The result is a thin base that will withstand a full topping, and crisp yet foldable edges. Little Italy even imports specialist goods from Italy, so its diners can experience a true Italian meal while at sea between Newcastle and Amsterdam.

Pizzas don’t take long to make, so once you’ve ordered you know it’ll be with you quickly, dropped onto your table with full, crisp crusts, packed with toppings and gooey, melted mozzarella cheese, still piping hot throughout, so be careful and don’t rush that first bite!


So grab a seat, order a beer or a glass of wine and agonise over the choice of 2 starters, 2 pasta dishes and 9 pizzas. Once you’ve made your decision, get ready to tackle a hearty pasta dish or tuck into a delicious pizza in whichever way you prefer. Knife and fork? Cut into slices? Folding the crust to keep the toppings on? There’s no judgement here!

There are also dessert classics such as tiramisu or profiteroles for when you’ve finished, if you’ve got space for another bite.

“Buon Apetito!” from all of our chefs, waiters and staff onboard!

3 comments on “Get a ‘Pizza’ the Action at Little Italy”

Sue Stevenson

June 16, 2016 08:13

I would choose to dine at Little Italy with my wonderful husband to celebrate 25 years together this year, and I know it will be a fantastic experience because we've been with DFDS to Amsterdam once before. Great service and friendly staff - I hope I am lucky enough to win the competition!

Robert cuthbertson

June 16, 2016 17:00

Will try this on 29th July and on return on 13th August

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