Halloween For The Family In Europe

October 24, 2019


Europe is full of Halloween festivals and ghostly attractions, making it the perfect place for celebrating the spooky season. If you’re thinking of a trip to Europe with the family this Halloween, take a look at our top destinations for inspiration.


Take your little ones to Amsterdam Mama’s Spooktacular Parade 2019 at Beatrix Park on Sunday 27th October. Wear your best costumes and decorate your prams, scooters or bikes. Take part in the ghoulish parade then enjoy the playground, bouncy castles and of course, sweets for a fun family afternoon celebrating Halloween. Tickets are 7.50 euros per family which includes 2 adults and unlimited children.

If you’re looking for something a little more frightful, a ghost walk through the city is sure to set a chill down your spine or for toe curdling tales of gore, a visit to Amsterdam Dungeon is a must!


This beautiful Belgian city is brimming with ghost stories and crooked alleyways, making it a perfect spot for a Halloween adventure. Guided ghost tours around the city will fill you with fright, and some fantastically atmospheric bars and restaurants are perfect to spend an evening in. For kids, the Historium puts on special exhibits during the Halloween period highlighting the darker parts of Bruges’ past, from witch trials to plagues. You should also stroll by the Love Lake which is said to be haunted by a waterghost. See if you can spot it by gazing into the moonlit water.


While Paris is known for its beauty and romance, there’s a sinister side to the City of Light. Go beneath its streets to discover the eerie catacombs and their vast collection of bones, moved there after the city’s cemeteries began to overflow. You could also visit the Museum of the History of Medicine, housing the oldest collection of jarred curiosities in Europe. For the kids you also have an abundance of Halloween events going on at Disneyland® Paris, with the whole place decked out for the spooky season, and plenty of Disney villains to meet. This year’s theme is ‘A Tentacular Mist of Mischief.’


Speaking of Disney, Copenhagen is home to the place that inspired the original Disneyland® – Tivoli Gardens. This magical theme park in the middle of the city gets decked out in autumn colours and spooky decorations for Halloween every year. This year there will be thousands of pumpkins decorating the park, spooky performances and an incredible light display centred around Tivoli Lake. There’s also a market filled with sweet treats and spooky souvenirs, and of course all the fantastic, and in many cases historic, rides and attractions to enjoy.

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