Family Fun at Tivoli

August 28, 2015


What could be a better family getaway than a trip to an amusement park? I know my husband and kids both love them, and I’m sure your loved ones do too.

As the world’s oldest theme park, Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen captures that classic funfair experience better than anywhere else you can imagine, with classic rides, stalls, gardens and architecture all in a distinctive 1800s style.

While the rides are primarily intended to be nostalgic and fun, there are also rides which will match the expectations of all of the biggest thrill-seekers you know. Check out the terrifying Vertigo, which spins you upside down at a mind-bending 100km per hour, see how brave they’re feeling after that!

The most popular ride at Tivoli, and my personal favourite, is the old wooden rollercoaster.

Originally built in 1914, it is true to its original construction, and even has a brakeman on every train! Something only 6 other rollercoasters in the world can say.

There’s plenty more than just rides at Tivoli Gardens though, for a start the whole park is gorgeous and is an ideal place to spend a summer’s day if you’re taking a trip to Copenhagen. There’s also a concert hall which still attracts A-list acts to this day, so be sure to check the listings before you go! There are rock concerts every Friday during the summer too.

Although lots of people prefer to bring a picnic, there are loads of great places to eat in Tivoli Gardens too. If you’re feeling adventurous then check out Fru Nimb, which sells traditional Danish smørrebrød, or open-faced sandwiches. There are also other options, including a French bistro and Asian food.

If you’re not travelling in the summer, then be sure to visit in autumn for the Halloween theme, or from mid-November when Tivoli gets all Christmassy, housing the most magical Christmas market in Copenhagen.

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