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September 19, 2014



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Denmark is the ideal holiday destination for families, clean safe and relaxed, you can also be sure to find plenty to do for kids and adults of all ages, from experiencing the great outdoors, to learning about the country’s fascinating history, or visiting one of the many great theme parks. Lonely Planet has even voted Denmark one of its top 10 family holiday destinations.


An icon of childhood for generations, Lego is one of Denmark’s most famous exports. Legoland Billund is the most popular theme park in Denmark, with a number of themed areas that kids are sure to love. Check out the Haunted House, new for 2014, and meet the crazy scientist for an experience that will shock, scare and entertain the whole family.

Cycling in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a flat, safe and easy-going city for cyclists, so why not explore it on bike with your family? Once you jump on your bike, the city opens up in front of you, and everything becomes even more accessible than it already was. Rent a bike from the town centre, or visit the Bicycle Innovation Lab and borrow one of their interesting contraptions for a guided tour.

Tivoli Gardens

Located just outside of Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens is the world’s second-oldest amusement park and has been one of Copenhagen’s biggest family destination for generations. This year, the old wooden rollercoaster turns 100 years old and to celebrate, it is being re-decorated and restyled, with a 20-metre waterfall on the side to give you the impression of travelling in the mountains. Look out for open-air film screenings too, an ideal way to spend a Sunday together as a family.

Roskilde Fjord and Viking Boats

Head to Roskilde Fjord and not only can you enjoy some beautiful countryside views, but you can also check out the Viking Boat Museum and learn more about the seafaring ways of the ancient residents of Scandinavia. Join the War Expedition and you and your family can participate in Sweyn Forkbeard’s conquest of England. Learn how to take control of the warship, how to fight like Vikings and how to work together as a team in order to lead a successful expedition, kids will love it.

Blue Planet Aquarium

Wander through the water-filled rooms of the Blue Planet Aquarium and you will feel as if you are submerged under water, giving you a better view of the way fish and marine wildlife, including hammerhead sharks, rays and more, behave than ever before. There are also aquariums that you can see from above, and an Amazon area, which has a hot and humid atmosphere with butterflies and birds flying around guests freely.

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Stuart Richardson

November 08, 2014 16:16

Now the Esjberg/Harwich crossing is ended, and living in Denmark I have few alternatives to visit my family in the UK?????????????????

Sophie Hoult

November 14, 2014 16:50

We are finding that many of our customers are now using alternative routes - either Newcastle-Amsterdam or Dover-Dunkirk. Depending on where your family are based in the UK will depend on which route is best for you.

run 3

June 25, 2019 07:29

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