Côte des Dunes & Côte des Flandres

March 8, 2016



Our New Ships

All of us here at DFDS are delighted to announce that as of February 2016 we have 2 new vessels operating on our route between Dover and Calais – the Côte des Dunes and the Côte des Flandres.

These vessels have spent the last few months being completely refurbished and the brand new facilities include a restaurant, a snack bar, a café bar, a large children’s play area, shop, a premium lounge and more. The ships are light and airy with wonderful picture windows and sea views.

So what’s the deal? Let’s find out more about our new ships

Since they were first acquired in 2015, the ships have undergone a 2-month transformation at the Damen shipyard in Dunkirk. Both ships were repainted externally to match the rest of our fleet, including new DFDS livery, using the latest DFDS colour scheme and logo. The thrusters, rudders and steelwork on the hull and engines were also overhauled, as well as the ship’s interior being thoroughly dismantled and rebuilt.


The ships have a maximum capacity of 1,500 passengers, 400 cars and 2,000 lane metres of freight and sail 10 times per day (5 times in each direction), increasing the number of daily sailings on this route from 20 to 30.


As mentioned above, the ship’s facilities are brand new, and match the standards set by the other ships on our routes from Dover to France. Facilities include the 7 Seas restaurant, the Horizon Snack Bar with the Pirates’ Island play area for children and the Lighthouse Café. There’s also a Premium Lounge for customers looking for extra privacy and a Road Kings area exclusively for commercial drivers.

Tell me more about the Premium Lounge…

It’s a wonderful way to sail. take your pick from the selection of newspapers, watch the news on TV, or just relax and admire the impressive sea views. With free Wi-Fi access you can check your emails, browse the internet just generally enjoy your journey with access to your favourite websites. And don’t forget, you’ll enjoy complimentary hot and cold drinks, fruit and biscuits all the way.

So, to recap, that’s…

  • Complimentary hot & cold drinks
  • Complimentary fruit & biscuits
  • TV, free Wi-Fi & plug points
  • Free newspapers

All for just a small extra cost.

Take a look inside the Côte des Flandres, from her first sailing!


So when and where can we see these new ships?

These new ships are now sailing on our route from Dover to Calais, 10 times per day, 5 in each direction.

We hope to see our new ships on this route for a long time, and we hope you’ll join us for many happy journeys onboard.

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