Christmas Onboard PRINCESS SEAWAYS

December 8, 2014


The run-up to Christmas is exciting in every workplace, and our ship is no different. We’ve caught up with our onboard Entertainment Manager, Darren Smith, to find out what makes the festive period so special for our staff… 

How many times have you spent Christmas onboard?

I’ve actually never spent Christmas Day onboard! I’ve done the last two New Year’s Eve nights but never Christmas.

This year will be my first and I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve heard it’s lots of fun.

What is the best thing about being onboard at Christmas?

I’ve spent the run up to Christmas onboard for the last two years and the mood definitely changes. Everybody is very relaxed, everybody smiles and generally feels happy. Some of our crew members are miles away from their families so they treat the other onboard staff like a second family.

Do the crew give each other presents?

Yes, and sometimes they can be quite funny. I got some Christmas socks from one of our Business Leaders and I had to wear them onstage! There’s also a crew raffle with some great prizes.

Do you get into the festive spirit and dress up or wear Christmas clothes?

Of course! You can’t beat a good old Christmas jumper. I’ll definitely be wearing one, I’m not sure whether to copy Cliff Richard or Lord Sugar though.

Do all the crew sit down and have a Christmas dinner? What’s cooked – is it traditional English/Danish/Dutch…?

We celebrate Christmas on the 24th with a big meal where all types of food are served. It’s the one day of the year where the crew get to relax with a few glasses of wine and as there are no passengers onboard, let their hair down!

What do you do on Christmas day?

All sorts, we have karaoke competitions, roulette, play board games or some other kind of organised contests and just generally have a good time. It’s the best way to relax after working hard on the run up to the big day.

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