Christmas Onboard KING SEAWAYS

December 16, 2014


All of us enjoy the build up to Christmas in our workplaces, from wearing crazy festive jumpers, to putting up bright decorations & joining in with the festive cheer. Onboard KING SEAWAYS is no different – Entertainment Manager, Mark Henderson, told us all about spending Christmas onboard with the rest of the crew.

How many times have you spent Christmas onboard?

This will be my second year onboard, so it’s still quite new to me!

What is the best thing about being onboard at Christmas?

The overall experience with your fellow colleagues. We work together everyday onboard so it’s rare that we ever get to spend time with one another in a relaxed capacity.

We don’t sail on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day so it’s nice to chat and enjoy some quality time with your onboard family.

Do the crew give each other presents?

As a general rule, most people save their money for gifts to send home to their families at Christmas, but obviously close friends exchange gifts too.

Do you get into the festive spirit and dress up or wear Christmas clothes?

I did last time I was onboard, and I probably will again this time. Last time I dressed up as Father Christmas, and then got out my silly Christmas jumper. We all love a Christmas jumper, go on just admit it!

Do all the crew sit down and have a Christmas dinner? What’s cooked – is it traditional English/Danish/Dutch…?

Yes, everyone eats together in the restaurants and the food is always outstanding. We have Christmas dinners from all of the different countries that are represented onboard – Danish, Polish and Filipino mainly. Only the musicians and myself are English, so we don’t get too much of a say, but I don’t mind as the food really is amazing, and it’s great to try different food.

What do you do on Christmas day?

We have fun and play games – the crew particularly love Bingo – but also have competitions, live music, karaoke, a raffle and a lottery and other harmless fun.


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