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Germany’s Theme Parks

Theme parks have been entertaining, terrifying or thrilling people for centuries. New York’s Coney Island is often regarded as the first of its kind, but theme parks of various descriptions have existed across Europe for far longer, such as Bakken ...

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Amsterdam, Germany, Holland

A Break to Amsterdam, Cologne & Düsseldorf

I’ve visited Germany a few times including the Mosel Valley, Berlin and Hamburg, & I’d always had a great time. I’d heard Cologne was an interesting city with loads to do & after a quick Google search I discovered it was really easy to ...

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Food & Drink, Germany

Food & Drink of Germany

When your near neighbours include France, Italy, Spain and Belgium, you can probably be forgiven for fading into the background when it comes to famous cuisine. Such is the case with Germany, whose contribution to the worlds of food and drink has bee...

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