Wes Clough

I work as the graphic designer in our North Shields office. Although I have also been known to bring my puppy into the office to distract my colleagues. Like everyone here, I love to travel, particularly in the USA and I was recently married in Florida. In my spare time I enjoy film, art deco, music and a good plate of nachos.

Amsterdam, City Break

Amsterdam Spook!

As you can probably imagine from such a colourful and vibrant city, when Amsterdam natives celebrate Halloween, they celebrate it in style. Originally, Halloween wasn’t celebrated in Holland, and the local tradition was Sint Maarten, a night celebr...

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Food & Drink, Germany, Munich


Oktoberfest is likely the most popular beer festival in the world, with the image of leiderhosen-clad Bavarians clutching 1-litre steins of German beer pretty much known all over the globe. The first weekend of Oktoberfest regularly exceeds a million...

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City Break, Copenhagen, Denmark

Summertime in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the coolest and most modern of the Scandinavian capitals, with lively bars and cafes that are buzzing every night of the week. The Danish capital is regularly voted one of the most liveable cities in the world and it’s easy to see why...

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Activity & Adventure, Family & Fun, Germany

Germany’s Theme Parks

Theme parks have been entertaining, terrifying or thrilling people for centuries. New York’s Coney Island is often regarded as the first of its kind, but theme parks of various descriptions have existed across Europe for far longer, such as Bakken ...

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