Sophie Hoult

I’m the Digital Manager here at DFDS Seaways but when I’m not swimming in facts and figures, I enjoy getting out in the great outdoors of the Northumberland and Yorkshire countryside, especially with my babies Harry (my dog) and Louie (my horse). My idea of a perfect holiday is relaxing on a quiet and sunny beach somewhere with great weather.

French Living

Amsterdam, Destinations, Family & Fun, Holland

A Guide to Celebrating Carnival in the Netherlands

If you’ve never heard of the Dutch Carnival, just imagine a huge street party that everyone’s invited to and you’ve pretty much got it. Also called vastenavond, this once pagan festival occurs on the three days before the Christian holidays of ...

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Cities in all Seasons
Christmas Markets

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Germany’s Luther Routes – Luther’s Travels

Chances are if you’ve heard Martin Luther’s name mentioned, it’s been in the context of the reformation of the church in Europe. He was instrumental in the growth of Protestantism and rejection of the medieval Catholic Church across much of Eur...

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